Award Travel Academy Reader Success Story to Mexico


One of our favorite readers, Maggie, sent us this reader success story. She recently took the Award Travel Academy course and then booked an incredible stay at the Secrets Impression Moxché all-inclusive resort—one that we have each booked for later this year. It is supposed to be incredible. Here is our Award Travel Academy Reader Success Story to Mexico:

My partner and I have always dreamed of traveling together, but neither of us work in careers that make a lot of money. We really felt like world travel was an out-of-reach dream until I saw a reel by Made Possible By Points. I was sold immediately, but my partner took a bit of convincing. I bought the Award Travel Academy course as a birthday present to myself to prove to him (and me) that this was worth learning how to do!


Man and woman

Maggie and her partner used points and miles for an amazing trip to Playa del Carmen!


We took our first points and miles trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, in January 2023 to stay at the incomparable Secrets Impression Moxché,  an all-inclusive resort. He applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card and earned a welcome bonus of 80,000 points + points earned from the spend. This totaled about 90,000 points. Later in the year, I applied for a Capital One Venture card and earned 75,000 points through the welcome offer.

I transferred the 90,000 points from Chase to Hyatt to book 5 nights at Secrets Impression Moxché. We were a little short on points, so I bought a few to top it off. It cost us about $350 for 21,000 points. Since 1 night at the resort costs over $1,000, and that nearly covered the points needed for 1 night, we felt it was a good trade-off. I could have waited to earn more points, but I’m impatient and couldn’t wait to see how my first trip worked out!


Pool area at hotel

Infinity Pool at Secrets Moxché.


I then transferred points to Turkish Airlines to book partner flights on a United route using Capital One Venture Miles. It cost 40,000 points + $99 round-trip for both of us.

Overall, including the points purchase, the flight charge, and the annual fees, our trip cost us $641 for 5 nights in paradise. Out of pocket, it would have cost at LEAST $8,000. We also still have points left on the Capital One Venture card that we will be using for a future trip!


Palm trees on sandy beach


Now that we’ve gone on that trip, my partner is hooked! We’ve already booked another trip to the Dominican Republic, and we’re planning a trip to Greece in May of 2024, all on points!


Bottom Line

Thanks for sharing this incredible trip with us, Maggie. And thanks for following us! Maggie has already purchased our brand new course, Award Academy Next Level because she saw the value of what the original course taught her! Maggie’s Award Travel Academy reader success story to Mexico shows you what is possible when you educate yourself properly about points and miles!

Ocean and beach with white hotel

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