Great Changes to the Chase Ink Business Cash


We love our Chase Ink Business cards, but some people have not applied for them because of the higher minimum spend required. The minimum spend in three months has ranged from $6,000-$15,000, leaving some people feeling like they won’t be able to hit that high spend. Well, there are some great changes to the Chase Ink Business Cash now!



Changes to the Chase Ink Business Cash Card

The most significant change is the one that allows more people to feel confident about hitting the minimum spend requirement. There is now a two-tiered spending requirement. You can earn 35,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards after spending $3,000 in three months. Additionally, you can earn another 40,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards after spending a total of $6,000 in six months. (Your initial $3K is part of that total).

The deal is pretty much the same, 75,000 Ultimate Rewards for a $6,000 spend. But now, you have another 3 months to complete that $6,000 spend. (Just be sure to hit that first $3,000 in the first three months!)

The other change is that you can get a 10% bonus on all the points you’ve earned that first year (not counting the signup bonus, sadly) if you also have a Chase Business Checking Account. This 10% bonus is only good for the first year, not subsequent years. Still, it can be profitable, especially if you are maximizing category spend.

Note: To take advantage of the 10% bonus offer, you must open the Chase Ink Cash between now and 11/17/2024.


Girl floating in water.

Ultimate Rewards helped Alex to book her dream trip to Greece.


Why We Love Business Cards

Business cards are a huge part of our strategies. Not only do they let us get more cards (which means more points/miles), but they don’t count towards our 5/24 status, which is huge! If you say, “I wish I had a business, but I don’t, so this doesn’t apply to me,” read this post. We have so many readers who have used a side hustle or small business to get business cards and now recognize how much they help them get on more vacations.


Bottom Line

These great changes to the  Chase Ink Business Cash make it so much easier for more people to get this card and complete the spending requirement. If you’ve hesitated to get it because of the high minimum spend, wait no longer. We are unsure if this is a limited-time offer or the new normal for this card. Fingers crossed that it lasts for a while since it opens the door for more people to get our favorite business card now!

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