How to Book a Vacasa Rental With Points


Many people prefer to stay in a vacation rental because they have more space and have kitchens where they can do their own cooking. There are times when you travel with a group of friends or family, like our Croatia trip, when you just want to be together too. A vacation rental just works in certain situations. We talked about booking an Airbnb with points/miles previously. Let’s talk today about how to book a Vacasa Vacation Rental with points. These can be booked with Wyndham points, and luckily, two transferable point currencies, Capital One Venture Miles and Citi ThankYou Points, are transfer partners with Wyndham.

Here are the credit cards that will earn points for transfer to Wyndham.


Booking Vacasa Rentals

As of 3/26/24, Wyndham’s pricing for Vacasa rentals will change. The old post has details on how to book, but here are the details on the change.

The good news is that rentals costing $250 a night can still be booked at 15K Wyndham points per bedroom per night. Rentals that cost  $250-$500/night will now cost 30K points per bedroom per night. You cannot book rentals that cost more than that with Wyndham points. The interesting part is that even a one-bedroom rental can often sleep 6+ so you can get great value with your points.

Once you know where you want to go, you will want to make a list of the rentals you find on Vacasa that you would be interested in staying in. Pick several options in case some are not available. Once you have that list of places you are interested in, call 800-441-1034 to book with Wyndham points. You cannot book online; you have to book with an agent. Again, flexibility is key, either with locations or dates. Make sure there is availability before you transfer points to Wyndham – transfers to transfer partners are one-way transfers only!


Ski Trip

If I want to go on a ski trip with my family, a Vacasa rental might be a great option. Let’s check out Breckinridge, Colorado. Here’s an option:



Screen shot of condo


This is a two-bedroom condo that will sleep 6. Because the average night is under $250, it will cost 15K per night per bedroom, so it will be 30K/night. A family of four can stay there for two nights and pay a total of 60K points. If I were booking this with cash, I would be paying taxes and fees. Booking with Wyndham points covers taxes and fees, making it a much better deal in that regard, too.


Beach Stay

When I was little, our family always went to Newport Beach, California, in the summer. It is a perfect place to enjoy the beach, so I checked out rentals there. Here is one that had great reviews:


Screenshot Vacasa rental at Newport Beach



This one will cost 30K/night per bedroom because the average price is over $250 but under $500. That means it will cost 60K/night because it has two bedrooms.


Costa Rica Trip

Let’s consider a trip to Costa Rica. Most Vacasa Rentals are in the United States, but there are also some available in Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, and Canada. Here are some options that I saw. Remember that anything over $500 is not possible to book. Here is a nice option in the cute town of Tamarindo.


Screenshot Vacasa rental in Costa Rica



This rental is under $250  per night, so it will be 15K Wyndham points per bedroom per night, or a total of 45K points/night. A three-night stay here would cost 135K Wyndham points if the Vacasa agent can find availability for me.


Hawaii Stay

There are even Vacasa rentals in Hawaii! This one in Kauai sleeps 4 but is listed as a one-bedroom, so it would cost just 15K points a night since the average cost is under $250/night. I would definitely call an agent about it and cross my fingers they could find me available dates.


Screenshot Vacasa Rentals in Kauai.


Points to Consider

Although your first step in the booking is to look at options that interest you, the website only shows cash prices, not availability with points. I would have a few options that I liked before I called in to book. Again, just like any transfer, do not transfer to Wyndham until you know you have found availability at a place where you want to stay.


Bottom Line

I have never used points to book a Vacasa rental. However, based on what I found and the ability to save over a cash price, I would definitely look at it in the future. A Vacasa Vacation Rental with points sounds like a great idea! What about you? Have you stayed at one that you would recommend?


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  1. Susan says:

    Do you have to have a Wyndham card to transfer, or can you create a free account?

    • Pam says:

      No, you would need an account and then transfer Capital One Venture Miles or Citi Premier to that account.

  2. Pam says:

    They are covered, which is a fantastic deal!

  3. Kayla Bowerman says:

    What if it’s a three bedroom rental?

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