$395 Annual Fee for the Capital One Venture X is No-Brainer


The $395 annual fee for the Capital One Venture X is a no-brainer. I know that many people hate to pay annual fees. Let’s go over why I think this card has a fee I don’t mind paying.


Annual Statement Credit

When you book in the Capital One travel portal using your Venture X card, you will get a $300 statement credit yearly. Right there, you’ve taken $300 off your annual fee because that is an easy credit to use each year.

10K Venture Miles

Each year you receive 10,000 Venture Miles when you pay your annual fee. Those miles are worth $100 so now you have paid nothing for your card. These miles are on your first anniversary so you don’t get them when you first sign up for the card but you do get 75K Venture Miles as a sign-up bonus. Totally worth it for the $100 that card will cost you the first year. Those 75,000 Venture Miles are worth a minimum of $750 towards travel!

Easy Everyday Spending Card

The Venture X Card earns 2x per dollar spent on everything. This makes it a very easy everyday spending card. You don’t even have to think about what card to use. Just use it for all your spending!

Great Airport Lounge Access

The Venture X Card comes with Priority Pass Lounge Access, Plaza Premium Lounge Access, and access to their own Capital One Lounges (only one in Dallas so far with others coming). Second only the American Express Platinum, the Venture X is a great card if you enjoy airport lounge access as I do! When you add up all the money you can save on eating and drinking at an airport, this makes this card a moneymaker! You can even use it at select airport restaurants that take Priority Passes. This one benefit makes the $395 annual fee for this card a no-brainer in my opinion!



The Sweetwater Taphouse in the Denver Airport lets me and a friend order $28 each worth of food with my Priority Pass!


Other Benefits

The Venture X Card has TSA Precheck or Global Entry credit every 4 years up to $100.  It also has rental car coverage that is primary coverage in the United States and abroad. Additionally, the card offers $800 cell phone protection if you pay your bill with this card. This coverage covers damage to your phone or if it is stolen. Here are some other benefits of this card. These are all benefits you get from a card that basically has no annual fee when you factor in the travel credit and Venture Miles you earn each year.

Bottom Line

After reading all the benefits of the Capital One Venture X, I am sure that you can agree that the $395 annual fee is a no-brainer. Unless I am canceling to reapply to get the signup bonus again, this card will remain in my wallet!


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