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Using an airport lounge before travel or during a layover really takes the sting out of traveling. And, yes, I’ve been known to get to the airport early just to eat and relax in an airport lounge! Some may call me crazy, but I call it peaceful, easy traveling. Today I want to talk about how to access  Priority Pass Lounges. Currently, they boast 1300+ lounges all over the world. Several credit cards give free access to these lounges for you and 2 guests. I have used many Priority Pass Lounges to eat, relax, surf the internet, and even shower!


Credit Cards with Priority Pass Lounge Access

Some of these cards offer unlimited Priority Pass lounge access, and some offer a limited amount. No matter what your card gives you, it will change your traveling experience.


Even though some of these cards have high annual fees, the benefits usually outweigh the fees.

Having Priority Pass Lounge access makes these annual fees much more tolerable. Normally, it costs about $30-$50 to access an airport lounge. If you take 2 guests in with you, that is worth over $100. I usually go into a Priority Pass Lounge about 8 times a year and often take friends or my spouse. This feature is worth about $300/year to me. I must say that my friends/family are so, so happy to join me in an airport lounge! Here are the normal Priority Pass Membership plans. They can get quite expensive and don’t even include a guest.


Priority Pass Restaurants

You can also use your Priority Pass access at airport restaurants that accept them. Unfortunately, American Express cards do not allow this. Using Priority Pass at an airport restaurant can get you up to $28 worth of food. And…your guest can get $28 worth of food!  The following cards allow you to eat at an airport restaurant:


Priority Pass Lounges I’ve Used (Only a Few of Them)

Bangkok, Thailand

There are 6 Priority Pass Lounges in the Don Mueang International Airport. Usually, I pick one in the terminal I will be at. If there are several, I will read reviews and then choose. This lounge, the Coral Executive Lounge, was really cute, clean, and had great food.


Woman sitting in chair in airport lounge

Here I am enjoying the Priority Pass lounge in the Bangkok airport!

Taipei, Taiwan

I’ve been able to access this Priority Pass lounge twice! We had layovers on our trip to Vietnam and on a trip to Thailand. When you have traveled 12+ hours it is sure nice to get off the plane, stretch your legs, and get something to eat before you continue on. It is even nicer when it is free. This particular lounge had an industrial feel and served Asian food. We noticed too late that there were showers available – one would have been nice!


People sitting at tables eating in Taiwan airport

This Priority Pass lounge has been a stop for me on two occasions.

London, England

One of my daughters lives in London so I travel there quite often. I have accessed a few of the Priority Pass lounges there. Once I had to wait for her to get a child from school before she picked me up. I took advantage of a shower and ordered breakfast while I was waiting.


Men in chef hats standing behind bar

A shower and breakfast in a Priority Pass Lounge in London helped me feel refreshed!

Vienna, Austria

Another layover stop at a Priority Pass Lounge was when I was traveling from Denver to London and had a layover in Austria because I was on Austrian Airlines. Time for a shower, change of clothes, and breakfast and I was ready for my last leg of the trip.

Shower, fed, and ready to continue to London!

U.S. Priority Pass Lounges

Because I have the American Express Platinum Credit Card, I usually pick a Centurion Lounge or Delta Sky Club lounge if I have that capability. There are some really nice U.S. lounges though. Here are a few popular ones.


Food and beverages on counters in airport lounge

Turkish Airlines Lounge in Miami. Picture courtesy of Priority Pass Lounges


Restaurant with sign that says Cadillac

Some airports give you access to restaurants. You can spend up to $28 at them per person.


Table and chairs with view of airport tarmac

Air France-KLM Lounge in San Francisco. Picture credit by Priority Pass

Bottom Line

One of my favorite benefits of credit cards, besides the points, is access to the airport lounges. Priority Pass Lounges have over 1300+ locations and may be offered on cards you already have. If not, consider getting a card that will let you enter them. Your airport experience will never be the same.


Sitting Area of MCO Airport Lounge

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