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    Woman sitting in airplane suite

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    We often hear that people are interested in using credit card points and miles for cheap travel, but worry about the learning curve, the organization, and the time it takes to master everything. If this grandma of 21 can do it, you can, too! Let me take you on a month of my travels and […]

    Sand against turquoise water

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    We often get questions about whether or not someone who doesn’t spend much can do this hobby. Can low-spenders travel with points and miles? Absolutely! Ideally, you want to be paying about $1,000 a month on items you can put on a credit card to meet your minimum spend.  Be sure to think of all […]

    Palm trees on sand near blue water

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    Many readers want to know more about airline transfer bonuses – these really help your miles go further. A transfer bonus is when you transfer from a flexible currency like Chase, AMEX, Capital One, or Citi, and you receive a bonus (usually 10-50% more) with the airline or hotel that you transfer to. I recently […]

    Room with food on counters

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    One of the things that all three of us at Travel Mom Squad can agree on is that a good airport lounge makes our flight experiences so much more enjoyable. In light of this, I wanted to share some of our favorite airport lounges with you. We gain access to some with certain credit cards, […]

    Business Seat on airplane

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    Using credit card points and miles has opened my world to lie-flat business-class seats. Before I started this hobby, I had only flown in business class once. On impulse, I upgraded to business for about $800 to snag a same-day ticket when I was flying home from London. It was AMAZING! Obviously, you will use […]

    Beach resort with many pools

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    Do changes in the points and miles world discourage you? We’ve been in this game for about 8 years and have seen a lot of changes. Are they discouraging? At times. Do they make us want to quit redeeming points and miles for nearly free travel? NEVER! There will always be changes to award charts, […]

    Older woman and man with young man holding child at beach

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    On a recent podcast, we all talked about our strategies for 2024 and that we all planned to earn a million points or more again. I also mentioned two other things: 1. I have over 4 million credit card points and miles, and 2. One bank doesn’t like me now (not approving me for their […]

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    Today, we’re getting personal and interactive by answering your questions. We’ve gathered a fantastic collection of questions from our Instagram stories, and we got to answer as many of them as we could in this episode! Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube Here is just a sneak peek at some of […]

    Picture of beach and sand

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    As an award travel newbie, we recognize how hard it is to keep up with all the new vocabulary and rules. Hence, we give you our Award Travel FAQs that we hope you refer to often. We will give you a short explanation and link you to our articles that give you a more detailed […]

    Delta Sky Club Boston

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    On my most recent trip to London, I was flying Virgin Atlantic on a positioning flight from Boston to London. Their Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is closed for renovations and I was immediately disappointed that I was going to have to use the Delta Sky Club in Boston instead. And then I walked into it – […]

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    Today, we’re peeling back the curtain on our business – sharing the story of our humble beginnings, the engine that keeps our mission running, and some golden insights for those of you dreaming of starting your own venture. Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube We sprouted our roots back in December […]

    Airport lounge bar area

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    Recently, I was able to check out the new Chase Sapphire Lounge that is located at Logan Airport in Boston. Currently, there are only three Chase Sapphire lounges—one is in Hong Kong, one is at La Guardia Airport, and one is in Boston. The next one will be opening up in Las Vegas. Here is my […]

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    Feeling a bit baffled by the twists and turns of credit card applications and rewards? You’re definitely not alone in this journey! With a myriad of cards, rules, and unexpected hurdles, the path to becoming a savvy award traveler can seem daunting. But fear not, we’re here to guide you through the maze with ease! […]

    france unsplash

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    You’ve researched several credit cards and spent more time than you should deciding which card to apply for next. You fill out the application, hit submit, and wait with bated breath. (It’s kind of a thrill, right?) And suddenly, something that has never happened before happens—you get denied. It’s almost a personal affront. You have […]

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    Have you heard about EU261 compensation for overbooking, delayed, or canceled flights while in Europe? I have heard about it but wanted to do a deep dive about it today to ensure our readers know how to receive their compensation if they have a canceled or delayed flight in Europe. Refer back to this post […]

    airplane with Singapore Airlines on it

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    On my most recent trip to the Maldives, we booked Singapore Airlines from San Francisco to Singapore in business class, but not the flight from Singapore to Male. That flight had to happen in economy class. I even tried to upgrade at the airport but sadly, was told the flight was full. 😢 Jess had […]

    Secrets Moxché beach

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      The New Year is a time for reflection and these were our top nine posts for 2023.  While some were written and posted in 2022, they were all the most-read posts of this last year. It is always interesting to see what posts are most popular for our readers – did any of these […]

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    I still can’t even believe 2023 happened. It was my first full year as a business owner/content creator (and without having to adhere to PTO limits like I did when I was at my 9-5). Alex and Pam are great business partners and allow me to travel whenever I want. 😜 I sure did take […]

    Woman sitting on airplane in business class seat

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    2023 was an incredibly great year for travel for this grandma of 21! Business-class seats, luxury hotels, and wonderful memories were all made possible with credit card points and miles. Here is Pam’s 2023 points/miles recap!   Pam’s 2023 Points and Miles Recap January I started the year with a multi-country trip to Japan, Australia, […]

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    Today, we’re recapping the incredible adventures of 2023, showing you just how limitless your travel possibilities can be with some clever strategies! Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube 2023 has been a year of remarkable journeys and outstanding savings, all thanks to the art of using credit card points and miles. […]

    Overwater villas on private island

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    One of my favorite things about using credit card points and miles for travel is the ability (usually) to cancel and rebook when you find a better deal. I was able to make a Maldives last-minute flight change recently when I saw that there was Q-suite availability from Doha. My original return flight was on […]

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