Podcast #61 Unpacking Our Award Travel Secrets: Your Questions, Our Answers!


Today, we’re getting personal and interactive by answering your questions. We’ve gathered a fantastic collection of questions from our Instagram stories, and we got to answer as many of them as we could in this episode!

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Here is just a sneak peek at some of the tips and tricks we cover:

We tackle common dilemmas such as being an authorized user on a credit card and still wanting to snag the welcome offer.

We also address the post-welcome offer phase—what do you do with your credit cards then? Close them? Keep them open and pay the fee for another year? Something else?

We dive into questions asked about our planning process—do we choose our destinations first, or do we follow the deals? We share our mixed approach of meticulous planning and spontaneous deal grabbing, like the amazing flight sale to Singapore we couldn’t resist!

A significant part of our discussion revolves around managing annual fees and maximizing the value of our points. So, we decided to open up about our strategies and experiences, demonstrating how to make the most out of those points and miles.

And finally, we just couldn’t wrap up this Q&A episode without sharing some of our proudest moments. Are you ready for tips, insights, and more?

Hit play and join us for a deep dive into the art of award travel!


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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 01:15 Answering Your Questions: Credit Card Usage

  • 03:39 Answering Your Questions: Strategy After Redeeming Points

  • 08:12 Answering Your Questions: Choosing Destinations vs. Following Deals

  • 12:49 Answering Your Questions: Saving Points vs. Earning and Burning

  • 17:46 Answering Your Questions: Expenses Not Covered by Credit Cards

  • 22:09 Answering Your Questions: Business Cards for 5/24

  • 25:44 Answering Your Questions: Annual Fees

  • 29:31 Our Proudest Moments with Points and Miles


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