How Do I Erase My Capital One Purchases?


Our question of the week is, “How do I erase my Capital One purchases?” Capital One Venture miles can primarily be used in three different ways:

  1. Capital One Travel Portal
  2. Transfer Partners
  3. To “erase” travel purchases”

Let’s go over #3 today. First, you need to sign in to your Capital One account. This is the button you want to press once you are signed in.


Screenshot Capital One Venture Miles site


It will then bring up this screen that shows you all the ways you can use your Venture Miles. You want to press, “Cover Travel Purchases”.


Screenshot Capital One Buttons


Most of these are not the ways we advise you to use your miles. As outlined above, we just use the top 3 buttons. Here is what you will then see:


Screenshot Capital One


This shows two travel purchases that I have made that I can cover with miles. I’m not going to pick either because I plan to transfer to a partner at some point but let’s “pretend” I want to cover my Metro purchase. I press that area and “continue” and I get the next screen.


Screenshot Capital One


Once I press “confirm” my miles would be deducted. It is really that easy. You just have to remember that this works just for travel purchases. This is a great way to pay for rental vacations or hotels that are not transfer partners of Capital One.


Bottom Line

How do I erase my Capital One purchases? As you can see, it is really easy to do! What will you use this “eraser” feature on with your Venture miles? Y

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