Our Favorite Airport Lounges (So Far)


One of the things that all three of us at Travel Mom Squad can agree on is that a good airport lounge makes our flight experiences so much more enjoyable. In light of this, I wanted to share some of our favorite airport lounges with you. We gain access to some with certain credit cards, and some we gain access to with business class or first class tickets.

Jess’s Favorite Airport Lounges

Capital One Lounge DFW

One of Jess’s favorite lounges is the Capital One Lounge in Dallas. I agree, this is a very cute lounge, and I love the Capital One concept of on-the-go options. Jess loves the Pelotons (seriously, she exercises in a lounge?? Crazy girl!), the draft lattes (now that makes sense for her), the cocktails (again making sense for Jess), and the views.  What are your thoughts? Is this one of your favorite lounges?

The Capital One Venture X or Venture X Business card can make this lounge your reality. Check out the latte station to see if Jess is lurking around!


Airport Lounge with food

Capital One Lounge in Dallas – it really is pretty!


Turkish Business Class Lounge

This was Jess’s pick, too, but all three of us can agree that Istanbul has an amazing airport lounge. However, you will need a business class or first class ticket to get in here.

We love it because it is huge, with a ton of seating and so many food stations and options that you won’t be hungry when you get on the plane. In fact, the entire Istanbul airport is absolutely gorgeous and will ruin you for other airports.

It can hold over 750 people and even has a playground for children. This lounge is a must-visit if you are traveling through Istanbul!


Airport Lounge

There are so many gorgeous areas in the Turkish business lounge.


Istanbul Airport lounge

Another food area in the Turkish business lounge


Alex’s Favorite Airport Lounges

Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge

The Al Mourjan is the Qatar business class lounge in Doha and is Alex’s pick as one of her favorite airport lounges. It is one of the largest and fanciest lounges I’ve seen so it would be on my list, too. You can choose from buffet options or order a la carte at their sit-down restaurant. If you like luxury and want to be impressed by an airport lounge, this is the lounge for you!

A credit card won’t get you in, but a business class ticket with Qatar Airways will. We used it on our flight connections from the Maldives. This might be the perfect time to book Qatar Q-Suite!


Large staircase near water feature

The Al Mourjan Business Lounge in Doha is pure luxury!


United Polaris Lounges

Two words – cookie skillet! That was Alex’s reason for picking these lounges. I have to agree, the cookie skillet is yummy. These are my favorite lounges in the United States because they offer great buffet options but also a sit-down restaurant for a la carte selections. Additionally, the lounges are large and have beautiful decor, showers, and relaxation rooms.

Again, you must fly on a United business class flight (internationally) or a partner business flight. My favorite of these lounges is either Newark’s or Houston’s.


Cookie in a skillet with ice cream

The famous cookie skillet at United Polaris Lounges is a winner for all three of us!


Pam’s Favorite Airport Lounges

I had to pick last, and a couple of Alex and Jess’s picks would have been on my list, too. However, I do have a few additional picks.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Heathrow

I am so excited when I travel on Virgin Atlantic Airlines out of Heathrow because I can go to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. What I love most about this airport lounge is the ability to scan a QR code and order my food. It is then brought to me, and I don’t have to wait for someone to take my order. I can even order seconds or thirds and not feel embarrassed! They also have really good food, and there is plenty of seating in the large lounge.

Again, a business class ticket on Virgin Atlantic (or a partner airline) is required for entrance. There are times when it can be quite busy, but the service is still great.


Airport lounge

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at London Heathrow is one of my favorite airport lounges.


Delta Sky Club in Boston

The Delta Sky Club in Boston is a new favorite. I just went there for the first time recently while the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is being renovated. I was in awe of the decor and artwork there. It really is massive and beautiful, with many food and beverage options.

My American Express Platinum Card would get me in if I was on a Delta flight. I wouldn’t even have to have a business class ticket!


Airport lounge seating area

The Delta Sky Club Boston had so many gorgeous seating areas.


United Club Lounges at Denver Airport

Again, this was a surprise to me. They recently added a United Lounge to Terminal A, renovated two of these lounges in Terminal B, and wowed me with the design and food. Additionally, anyone with a club pass and traveling United can enter them, making them more accessible. The United Explorer card comes with two club passes, and if a person flies United a lot (like me), it is a great card—especially if you travel from or through Denver often.


Entry of airport lounge

The new United Club Lounges in Denver made my list of favorite lounges!


Etihad Business Lounge in Abu Dhabi

I had been to the old Etihad Business Lounge in Abu Dhabi and was not impressed. However, on my most recent return to Abu Dhabi, that changed with the new and improved lounge in Etihad’s new terminal. This lounge is luxury through and through. The ability to board your plane from the lounge doesn’t hurt.

The lounge is huge with a ton of seating, and the decor is beautiful.


airport lounge

The Etihad Business Lounge in Abu Dhabi is the newest addition to my favorite airport lounges.


Bottom Line

These are some of our favorite airport lounges (so far). Being able to access a good airport lounge thanks to having a business class ticket or just having the right credit card makes the journey part of the fun of any trip. I remember the days that I thought they were just for businessmen traveling for work. Ahh, those wasted years of not enjoying an airport lounge. Now, they are just the norm!


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Room with food on counters

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