Using Bank Account Bonuses for Extra Travel Expenses


You are probably wondering why we are writing about bank account bonuses when we are usually talking about credit cards. Well, credit cards are great for paying for your flights and hotels but what about food, tours, rental cars, and massages? We found another way to fund these items.  Bank account bonuses come into play to offset these costs.

If you have some money you can move around to different banks, can park it there for a few months, and can meet their requirements, you can collect a few hundred dollars to add to your travel fund. You will get a 1099 tax form on the bonus and you will have to report that and pay taxes on the bonuses but I have found it worth it for the money I’ve made. In my first year, I made over $2,000 doing this and I made almost $3,000 doing it the next year too.


Why Banks Give You Money to Try Them Out

One of the best banks to earn bank account bonuses is Chase bank. Years ago, I made $500 by opening a checking and savings account with them and have been a customer ever since. That is exactly why the banks offer these bonuses. They hope you try them out, like them, and continue to use them as your primary bank. Now, to be honest, I don’t usually stick with most of the banks but there have been a couple that I still use.

Personally, I like to have a few different accounts – one for my travel, one for my husband’s business, and a couple for savings. The best place to find out about the best bank account bonuses currently offered is through Doctor of Credit. He explains what the bonus is and how to earn it.


Banks lit up at night

Banks give us bank account bonuses to as an incentive to try them out.


Direct Deposits

I try and avoid the bonuses that want a direct deposit because it is kind of a hassle to change what banks I have my wages deposited to all the time. Some banks do have some workarounds as you will find in the information found on Doctor of Credit. This includes making a transfer from another bank. We are primarily a beginner’s site about credit card points and milesso won’t keep you updated on all the bank account bonuses.  We just wanted you to know there is another way to help offset some of your travel costs.

I did think it might be fun for you to see what bonuses I received one year and what I had to do to get them. Some are only available in certain states or are not currently available. I find many every year though – you just have to keep looking!

Bank of America

  • $300 bonus for opening a checking account
  • I did  have to make a direct deposit for three months totaling at least $4,000


  • $350 bonus for opening a savings account
  • Deposited $10,000, left in 3 months

Chase Business Checking

  • $300 bonus  for opening a checking account
  • Deposited $1,200, made 10 transactions on debit card

PNC Bank

  • $300 bonus
  • $5,000 Direct Deposit (was able to transfer from a qualifying bank, not a direct deposit from an employer), 10 debit card transactions

Wells Fargo Business Checking

  • $1500 bonus after $5000 deposit
  • Kept the money in the bank for 60 days – this was the easiest and most lucrative bonus I ever got!


  • $400 bonus
  • Deposited $15,000 into checking/savings account (Citi Account Package) and left for 60 days 


Each of these banks had specific times I had to leave my money in the bank before withdrawal, usually 3-6 months, and certain things I had to do. This has been a fun and lucrative way for me to make my trips cheaper, even free! 


Kayaking Wailea River in Kauai

Bank Account Bonuses paid for our kayaking adventure in Kauai!

Paper money with gold coins on top of them

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