Fast Track to Hyatt Globalist Status


Every year Hyatt seems to have an offer for a fast track to Hyatt Globalist Status. It might be corporate-sponsored like Jess just completed or a public announcement, or you can call and ask for a fast-track challenge like I did.

This is how it works.

  • Enroll in the program
  • Stay at a Hyatt and checkout
  • The challenge is activated with that checkout (Jess said that her first stay counted and Alex also just confirmed this)
  • You have 90 days to get 20 nights at Hyatt completed.
  • You achieve Globalist Status after that 20th night and it is good until 2/29/24.


My Plan

I booked two nights recently at a Hyatt near my airport when my flight coming in was late. I already booked two nights of lodging before an October trip to the Maldives. I will plan to stay at a Hyatt in Abu Dhabi prior to our entering the Maldives since our flight got changed (long story). Then I have 2 nights at a Hyatt in Paris booked. That means I have 7 nights planned.

Finally, I will then need to stay 13 nights at category 1 hotels (the cheapest for points or cash). I will likely pay cash for my stays, which will cost me about $1,300. I could use points but I prefer to save those points for trips I have later this year so I will charge them with a card that I am trying to meet minimum spending on. Hyatt also has a promo going on where you can earn 2x the points on qualifying stays. Now I’ll earn even more points on my paid stays! Make sure to register for this promo!


Tall hotel near water


Value of Globalist

Why in the world would I pay $1000 for status? Is it even worth it? I think that it might be this year to test that out as I have a lot of Hyatt stays planned for some really nice trips.

  • Tokyo in January
  • Sydney, Australia in January – Park Hyatt is already booked and I want Globalist Status when I stay there.
  • New Zealand in February
  • Hyatt Regency Maui in May
  • Papagayos Hyatt in Costa Rica in May


Globalist breakfasts are worth about $30 per person. An updated room (especially a suite) is worth a few hundred dollars and not paying resort fees is worth about $40/night. This is the year to try out Globalist status for me while I have so many great Hyatt stays planned. It will allow me to see if it is worth the money and effort to get it every year. I think that I will save well over my $1000 and get some really luxurious stays too!

In the past, I’ve enjoyed Platinum Elite status with Marriott but with the devaluation of their award redemptions, I don’t think I will be staying with them much. Hyatt just has such outsized value, that I prefer them. I think that I’m about to change my hotel loyalties! Sorry, Marriott!


Hotel looking over water across from Sydney Opera House

I can’t wait to stay at the Sydney Park Hyatt with Globalist Status!


Bottom Line

I have some cool Hyatt stays coming up that I would like to use Globalist status with. This was the perfect time for me to do a fast-track challenge. What about you? Would you do a fast track to Hyatt Globalist status?


Hyatt regency Maui couple

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  1. Al says:

    I think the fast track nights need to be qualifying stays which means free night Hyatt certificates stays are not counted.

    • Pam says:

      I believe you are right as I looked further. Stays booked on points count but not certificates! Thanks for the clarification!

  2. Tiffany says:

    It requires a corporate email. I have tried this several times and failed.

    • Pam says:

      In the post, we have a link to the corporate-sponsored one, but we also said that you can call and ask for a fast track through them. It doesn’t work for everyone, but both Alex and I got it that way! If it doesn’t work one time, try a few months later.

  3. Lonnie Quinal says:

    Hi, do the 5 qualifying night credits from the Hyatt cc count towards the 20 nights fast track to Globalist status?

  4. Sophie says:

    I’m new to Hyatt “hacking”, but I was able to call them to be included in the fast track to Globalist status promo. I have done 18 nights so far. It’s 1/1 and I saw that everything reset to 0. Does that mean I have to redo everything, stay 20 nights again?

    • Pam says:

      I believe that is just your total for 2023, it doesn’t consider your fast track promo. You have 3 months from when you stayed that first night to do the fast track. You can contact Hyatt on twitter and they can confirm that for you and what date you have to have the other two nights done by.

    • Pam says:

      No, you can send them a tweet for your totals. That’s just the totals for this year!

  5. Preston says:

    Of course! Hyatt hotels are rare (compared to the other big chains) but the rewards, upgrades, etc. are definitely worth the trouble!

  6. Chelsey says:

    Hi, It looks like I am a little late to this blog post! I was wondering if I do get accepted into a plan like this and I book my 20 nights to achieve the “Globalist Status”. The future nights after that I book as a Globalist, do they count toward achieving “Globalist” again? I hope this makes sense!

    • Pam says:

      You achieve Globalist each calendar year. You would have Globalist that year, and subsequent stays would go towards status for the next calendar year.

  7. Tien Phan says:

    Hi, I just signed up for corporate challenge this year and with trips booked so far, I will hit 10 nights for sure to keep Explorist until Feb 2026, but if I know I won’t hit Globalist, does anything between 11-20 nights within 90 days go to waste?

    Also, after achieving Explorist for the challenge, I will need 30 nights to achieve Globalist after that, correct?

    Also I have WOH personal credit card, if I hit $5k spending in that 90 days trial period, do my 2 elite nights still count for after those mentioned-above 30 nights after the trial period?

    Sorry for many questions but Hyatt employees didn’t know lol

    • Pam says:

      For a corporate challenge, it is nights spent in a hotel. The elite night credits, spend don’t help for that. You won’t get anything special for the 11-20 nights unless you hit that 20.

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