Flying Singapore Airlines Economy Class


On my most recent trip to the Maldives, we booked Singapore Airlines from San Francisco to Singapore in business class, but not the flight from Singapore to Male. That flight had to happen in economy class. I even tried to upgrade at the airport but sadly, was told the flight was full. 😢 Jess had told me that even Singapore Airlines economy class was great, so I wasn’t too worried. What were my thoughts about flying Singapore Airlines economy class?


Singapore Airlines Flight to Male

When I got on the airplane, I realized why I couldn’t upgrade to business or economy plus. There were only ten business class seats and NO economy plus seats. The airline was an Airbus A350-900, and the flight number was SQ432. The economy seat configuration was 3-3, so it was not a huge airplane. It also seemed older to me.


Airplane seat

This is not economy plus or business class seat, sadly!

The Good Parts About Flying Singapore Airlines Economy Class

The absolutely impeccable service that is given in business and first class from Singapore Airlines is still in effect for economy class customers. I 100% think that their flight attendants are the best in the world. I swear that if you move an inch, they ask if you need anything. Superb first-class service all around!

This grandma gets cold on airplanes, and there was a blanket on the seat and an entertainment monitor on the back of the seat. They gave us earphones as we loaded the plane. The selection of entertainment was also good.


The Bad Parts

Oh my goodness! The seats were so close to the next seat – my grandma knees were aching for sure. Granted, I seldom fly economy class (and now I remember why).

I will admit that I am a finicky eater anyway, but I thought the food (other than the Magnum bar) looked horrible. I didn’t even accept a meal, but my husband, who eats anything, says it was NOT good.

I also had totally forgotten how horrible it is to share two airplane bathrooms with 200 other passengers. The line to use one and then passing each other in the small aisle was an experience that didn’t help me love this flight.


Jess’s Experience Flying Singapore Airlines Economy Class

You can read all about how Jess compared Singapore Business Class and Economy Class here. Suffice it to say that it sounds like Jess was on a larger airplane since the configuration of seats was 3-3-3.  Additionally, Jess is much younger than me, and to be honest, I flew economy class seats without a problem until I got older and ended up with more aches and pains!

The other problem is this: Once you start flying in premium cabins, it is hard to go back. Buyer beware! Luckily, with points and miles and not having a big family to use rewards on, I can strategically use them to treat myself. We always say, “You do You!” I guess we know what camp Pam is in now!


Bottom Line

Alex, Jess, and I booked a trip to Singapore for next Spring on an award deal for economy plus seats on Singapore Airlines. While on my business class flight, I walked back to see if I could do that. I looked at Economy and Economy Plus and thought about that 17-hour flight.  The jury is still out, but I’ve been checking out how to upgrade my flight. Unfortunately, our booked flight has waitlisted business-class seats, but I may take that chance!

Update: Don’t tell Alex and Jess, but I booked the waitlisted business-class flight. Fingers crossed that it works out for me. Will I or will I not be flying Singapore Airlines Economy Class again? Only time will tell.

airplane with Singapore Airlines on it

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