Podcast #49 The Ultimate Road Trip!


Can you imagine embarking on a journey through 15 states, taking on six national parks, and traveling over 4,500 miles, all within a span of two weeks? And mind you, this isn’t a solo or couples trip. We’re talking about a family of five with young kids! We know someone who did just that, and today she’s breaking it down for us!

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In today’s episode we had the privilege of chatting with Megan Condello, our Digital Business Manager. A mom to three adorable daughters, including a set of twins, Megan shared her amazing Midwest National Parks road trip with us.

Road trips and national parks aren’t often a topic we hit on, because you know how much we love to fly! So when we learned Megan had journeyed through 15 states and six national parks in one trip, we just had to get her on the show! Covering 4,500 miles in a minivan with three kids is no small feat. Hear all about how she did it plus how she cashed in points for hotels along the way.

Megan wisely used points and Marriott free night certificates to make the trip cost-effective. Out of 15 nights, they used points or free night certificates for 12 of them. An impressive use of travel rewards, right?

Megan’s experience was a testament to how enriching and possible it is to journey across the nation, soaking in its diverse landscapes, histories, and cultures – all while on a budget. If you’ve been thinking of hitting the road with your family, take inspiration from our chat with Megan. Whether you’re a road trip veteran or a newbie, there’s always something new to discover, experiences to cherish, and travel tips to learn.

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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 00:00 Introduction to today’s episode with special guest, Megan Condello!

  • 02:33 Megan talks about her family road trip and how they used credit card points for it

  • 05:00 Alex talks about the Marriott free night certificates

  • 06:01 Megan talks about the route that they chose

  • 07:57 Megan talks about tying in literary adventures along the way for fun and education

  • 08:57 The convenience of free hotel breakfasts when traveling with a family

  • 09:40 Jess highlights the importance of diversifying your points when road tripping

  • 10:38 Megan talks about North Dakota and the surprisingly fun adventures they had there

  • 13:44 Megan breaks down all of the fun and historical places to see in Wyoming

  • 20:28 Megan shares their experience at Badlands National Park

  • 23:01 Breakdown of the Warrior Hotel in Sioux City, Iowa

  • 26:37 Megan talks about their time in St. Louis and Gateway National Park

  • 29:03 Megan’s recommendation for a week-long trip

  • 31:24 Megan gives some bonus tips for National Parks

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