Podcast #63. Abu Dhabi Awaits: Pam’s Journey in Etihad’s Luxury Apartments


Today, Pam—the queen of booking phenomenal business and first-class flights—shares her recent escapade to Abu Dhabi! Have you ever planned a trip around a flight you want to take? It’s not that unusual for us at the Travel Mom Squad. Pam’s trip was planned around her desire to fly Etihad Apartments first class. This trip was made possible by credit card points and miles, and she’s here to tell you all about it.

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Abu Dhabi wasn’t initially on Pam’s radar; her previous brief visit was merely a stopover on her way to the Maldives. However, when an irresistible opportunity to fly Etihad Apartments from London to Abu Dhabi for a fraction of the usual cost surfaced, Pam’s travel instincts kicked in. The thrill of securing such an exclusive flight experience at an unbelievable deal was too enticing to pass up.

We dive into the excitement of luxury travel – from the anticipation of lounging in the Etihad Lounge to the exquisite in-flight dining, complete with caviar and mocktails. The experience of flying first-class in an apartment-like setting is a dream for many, and today, we paint a vivid picture of the luxury and comfort that comes with such a journey.

This episode isn’t just about the destination; it’s about embracing spontaneous opportunities and the joy of experiencing world-class luxury in the skies. It’s a story of how a simple flight booking can turn into an unforgettable adventure, highlighting the essence of traveling on points and miles.

To hear all about Pam’s amazing journey to Abu Dhabi, her experiences with Etihad Apartments, and how she managed to pull off such a luxurious trip using points and miles, hit play now! It’s an adventure that not only inspires but also demonstrates what’s possible with savvy spending. So, grab your headphones or turn up your speaker, and let’s get lost in the luxury of traveling on points together!



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 00:00 Introduction to Pam’s Adventure to Abu Dhabi!

  • 00:55 Planning a Trip to Abu Dhabi

  • 01:46 The Excitement of Booking a Flight

  • 05:00 Experiencing Etihad Apartments First Class

  • 12:07 Arriving in Abu Dhabi and Changing Plans

  • 13:46 Staying at the Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi

  • 17:53 Moving to the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

  • 25:37 Reflecting on the Trip and Returning Home

  • 27:17 Final Thoughts and Travel Tips


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