Podcast 70. Honeymoon on Points: Devan’s Around the World Honeymoon


Ever daydreamed about jetting off on an around-the-world honeymoon? Or perhaps the mere thought of planning such an important adventure feels daunting? Fear not, because in today’s episode, we sit down with the extraordinary Devan Sullivan, aka one-half of Point Sisters. She’s back from a seven-week honeymoon that circled the globe, and the best part? It was almost entirely funded by points and miles.

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Devan shares the low-down on how she strategically planned her wedding expenses to amass over 1 million points, which she then turned into a breathtaking journey worth over $50,000 – and all for a fraction of the cost. From business class flights that crisscrossed continents to luxurious stays in some of the world’s most coveted hotels, Devan’s tale is nothing short of a points-and-miles masterclass.

Join us, Alex and Jess, as we dive into the specifics: the cards that made it all possible and the unforgettable experiences that came with each destination. Devan’s story is not just about the incredible savings (although spending just over $3,000 on a trip valued at $51,914 is pretty remarkable), but also about the doors that smart use of points and miles can open for travelers.

And if you’re wondering about logistics, like how one packs for a seven-week, globe-trotting honeymoon in just a carry-on, Devan has got you covered there, too. Her tips and tricks might just inspire you to plan your own epic adventure.

So, whether you’re planning a honeymoon, dreaming of an around-the-world trip, or just love a good travel story, this episode is for you. Remember, these kinds of adventures are within reach, and Devan’s journey is the perfect blueprint for making the most out of your points and miles. Hit play to embark on this extraordinary journey with us, and let’s explore the world together.


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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 2:00 Devan dives into how she harnessed credit cards to rack up over 1 million points, with a nod to the military benefits that sweetened the deal.
  • 7:27 The lowdown on the ANA around-the-world ticket: booking challenges and required flexibility
  • 16:31 From flights to luxurious nights, Devan shares how she used points for posh hotel stays.
  • 21:49 The African safari part of the honeymoon comes into play, the one segment not booked on points but every bit worth it.
  • 25:53 Luxurious stays in Zanzibar at Marriott and Hyatt properties
  • 33:46 Safari and gorilla trekking adventures in Africa offer unforgettable encounters and insights.
  • 38:23 The incredible value points provide in Asia! Devan relives hotel stays in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • 41:33 Bali becomes a hotel-hopping haven, showcasing multiple high-end properties and the strategic use of points for extraordinary experiences.
  • 47:11 Packing for 7 weeks in just a carry-on? Devan shares her tips and tricks for efficient travel packing.
  • 51:13 The grand total reveals the staggering savings and value achieved through points for flights and hotels


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