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We have talked a lot about using the Chase Ink Business Cards to earn more of our favorite currency, Ultimate Rewards. One card that we’ve rarely talked about is the Chase Ink Premier Business Card. Jess plans to get it soon to help fund a future Disney Cruise. I hadn’t thought of it as being a viable option (as it earns non-transferrable Ultimate Rewards points), but I am rethinking things. Let’s talk all about the Ink Premier Business Card.




The Chase Ink Premier business card does earn Ultimate Rewards points, but they can only either be cashed out for one cent per point or redeemed for travel through the travel portal for one cent per point. They cannot be combined with Ultimate Rewards earned from other Chase cards like the Ink Cash/Ink Unlimited or Sapphire Preferred. Ultimately, it is a cash-back card that will earn you $1,000 after you meet the minimum spend. This might work well for the following situations:

  • Cruises
  • Vacation rentals
  • Food
  • Car rentals
  • Excursions

Normally I am not interested in a cash-back card because travel rewards cards work better for me and offer more value. Another reason that I didn’t consider it is that I wouldn’t want it to take up a 5/24 spot. This card is a business card, though, and as such, won’t count towards 5/24 (though you do need to be under 5/24 to be approved). Hmm, makes it much more interesting now, right?


Cruise ship on body of water

Jess plans to get this card for her and her husband to help pay for a Disney cruise next year.


Annual Fee and Minimum Spend

Unfortunately, it does have an annual fee of $195, so that takes a bit out of that bonus. For this reason, I would not keep the card past the first year.

The minimum spend is a hefty $10,000, too, so that will keep a lot of people from applying. However, if you are self-employed and pay estimated taxes, it might make sense to use the Ink Premier for those.

It does earn 2% cash back on every purchase (and 2.5% back on purchases over $5,000), so after hitting the $10,000 minimum spend, you would have $1,000 from the welcome offer + at least $200 from hitting the minimum spend. After paying the $195 annual fee, you’d still have $1,005. Not too shabby for a card that doesn’t count towards 5/24!

The card also comes with good benefits like:

  • Primary car rental coverage
  • Cell phone protection
  • Purchase protection
  • Extended warranty protection


Who Should Get This Card?

There are people in the credit card points and miles world who want cash-back cards, and this would be a good choice for them. If you want to pay for some items (like cruises or excursions) that won’t be covered by points/miles, then this might be a good option.

If you have a business that makes big purchases, then the 2.5% cash back on purchases over $5,000 might be attractive to you.


Bottom Line

Generally, we are all about travel rewards cards. However, under certain circumstances, the Chase Ink Premier business card might be a card worth considering. Never say never, I may even pick it up some time soon!


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