Cruises with Points and Miles


“Can I use credit card points and miles and book a cruise?” This is a common question we get asked. Cruising to far-off destinations and getting to see multiple places combined with midnight buffets, parties, and entertainment is a dream of many. Let’s talk about using points and miles for cruises.

First of all, yes, you can. It isn’t the most valuable use of points and miles but, if that is your dream, then it is the most valuable thing that YOU can do with them. Remember, you be you. Make those points and miles work for you, not how someone else thinks you should use them.


Travel Portals

The most common and easiest way to book a cruise with points and miles is through the travel portals. All of the major bank issuers who offer transferable points have them. These include:

  • Chase
  • Capital One
  • American Express
  • Citibank

Since people are more familiar with the Chase Portal, let’s look there. Once you log into the portal, you can see the cruise category at the top along with flights, hotels, etc.



Once you press on the cruises, several different cruises show up from different companies. It appears that you have to call the number listed next to the cruise you’d like to book though.



Using the Capital One “Eraser” for Travel Purchases

A super-easy way to use points and miles for cruises is to purchase your desired cruise with the Capital One Venture Credit Card or the Capital One Venture X Credit Card. Once the statement posts, you can choose to “erase” that purchase with your Venture Miles. Just hit the button that says ” Cover Travel Purchases” to do that.



Use Points and Miles for Cruise Related Expenses

Do you need to fly to the port of embarkation? Do you need a hotel the night before you board? These are great ways to use points and miles and decrease your cruising expenses.



Use Airline Miles

Many of the major airlines will let you use your miles to book a cruise. Here is information on the United Cruises. You will find similar information when looking at the name of the mileage program for each airline. For instance, on Delta, look at SkyMiles and you will see SkyMiles Cruises. We’d stick to using our United miles for flights but once again if cruising is your goal then this could be an option for you.




Bottom Line

For many people, cruising is the best way to travel. You sleep in the same bed, enjoy all the food and beverages you want, and get to see more than one country. The best part is that most of your traveling happens while you sleep. The ability to use points and miles to make this happen for almost free just makes it even more fun, right?




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  1. Billie says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for! My husband and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon and absolutely loved it. Not being responsible for the actual act of traveling once we got on the boat was so nice. Not to mention not having to cook anything lol! Wanting to take our kids on one, and this makes it so much more affordable. Thank you!!

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