Podcast 53. Navigating the Wonders of Istanbul: An Award Travelers Dream Destination


This week, we’re diving into the captivating world of Istanbul, where every turn is a discovery and every moment an adventure. Jess and Pam have been there, explored its wonders, and are thrilled to show you how to experience this magical city using the clever art of points and miles.

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Picture this: You’re cruising high above, nestled in business class, sipping a welcome drink, en route to an unforgettable Istanbul escapade. Jess has got the scoop on snagging those coveted business class seats using airline miles, ensuring your journey is as enchanting as the destination. Utilizing credit card miles, your dream flight to Istanbul is closer than you think.

Istanbul’s accommodations aren’t just places to rest; they’re part of the experience. Hear Jess rave about her experience at the Park Hyatt Istanbul. Transferring Hyatt points between friends allowed her and three girlfriends to stay for $0! We also share Jess and Pam’s contrasting experiences with the traditional Turkish Hamam, a story you won’t want to miss!

Istanbul is full of experiences! Whether you’re soaking in the history at the Hagia Sophia, wandering through the bustling Grand Bazaar, or cruising the Bosphorus, Istanbul’s allure is endless. And with our insider tips, you’ll enjoy these wonders while making savvy use of your travel budget.

This might all sound like a dream, but it’s all within reach, thanks to points and miles. Ready to embark on an Istanbul adventure like no other? Press play on this episode, and let us take you through the mesmerizing streets of Istanbul, showing you how to make your travel dreams a reality, without stretching your wallet. Happy travels!


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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 01:11 Planning the Trip: Choosing the Destination

  • 01:49 Booking the Flights: Award Travel Strategies

  • 03:05 The Benefits of Getting Friends into Points and Miles

  • 04:55 Booking the Flights: Using Points and Miles

  • 07:50 Arriving in Istanbul: First Impressions and Transportation

  • 10:28 Accommodation: Staying at the Park Hyatt Istanbul

  • 17:41 Exploring Istanbul: Location and Accessibility

  • 18:49 Navigating Istanbul: Public Transportation and Taxi Apps

  • 22:05 The Hamam Experience: Pam’s Hilarious Story

  • 25:48 The Hamam Experience: Jess’s Story

  • 30:47 Exploring Istanbul: Guided Tours and Sunset Cruises

  • 34:51 Istanbul: A Family-Friendly Destination

  • 35:24 Traveling with Friends: The Benefits of Shared Experiences

  • 36:05 Conclusion: Istanbul, A Must-Visit Destination

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