Podcast #55 From Points to Paradise: Our Maldives Adventure on a Budget


In this podcast episode, Alex and Pam are setting our sights on the stunning Maldives—a dream destination that might seem out of reach but is surprisingly attainable with savvy points/milestechniques!

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The Maldives, with its peaceful islands and crystal-clear waters, is the perfect example of a tropical paradise. Each resort offers an exclusive retreat into luxury and serenity. Imagine snorkeling in vibrant reefs and basking in the endless sunshine, all in the comfort of a secluded haven.

Traveling to the Maldives is an adventure in and of itself. Utilizing points and miles, you can embark on a flight that is both comfortable and economical. By choosing the best airline options and being flexible with your travel plans, we show you how you can transform your trip.

Staying at the exquisite Le Meridien Maldives, a Marriott jewel, is always a highlight! Booking entirely with Marriott points, this property epitomizes the luxury Maldivian experience with its iconic overwater villas. Thanks to Marriott’s dynamic pricing, a night here can range from 52,000 to 70,000 points, offering incredible value for such luxury.

The Maldives isn’t just about where you stay; it’s about embracing the entire experience. From dining to leisure activities like paddleboarding or resting in the serene beauty of the shores, every aspect is a testament to the joys of travel. The privacy and peace we experienced were beyond comparison – it was like having our own slice of paradise.

Exploring the Maldives is a shining example of the wonders of using credit card points and miles for travel. We maximized our credit card points, chose the best airlines, and leveraged hotel loyalty programs to turn a dream destination into a memorable reality.

Inspired to embark on your own Maldivian adventure? Hit play to discover how you can make it happen. Let’s turn those travel dreams into realities! Safe travels!


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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 01:53 Understanding the Maldives: Where is it Located?

  • 05:09 Traveling to the Maldives: Flight Options

  • 05:51 Booking Flights with Points and Miles

  • 10:10 Experiences with Qatar Airways

  • 13:29 Experiences with Singapore Airlines

  • 20:47 Arriving in the Maldives: Seaplane Experience

  • 24:57 Accommodation Options in the Maldives

  • 26:37 Experience at Reethi Faru Resort: A Luxurious Escape

  • 27:05 Booking Siam World through VIP Traveler

  • 27:44 Tips for Financing Your Trip to the Maldives

  • 29:13 Hear Our Impressions of the Siam World Resort

  • 30:35 Stay at the Le Meridien Maldives

  • 45:23 Options at the Hilton Conrad Maldives

  • 48:29 Comparing the Maldives and Bora Bora

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