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Somehow, I got roped into flying Singapore Airlines in premium economy to Singapore—a long 17-hour flight. It all started when an unbelievable deal was available on Singapore Airlines thanks to a global redemption sale they were having with 25% off economy and premium economy seats. Instead of redeeming 75K miles each way in premium economy from San Francisco to Singapore, it was just 56,250 KrisFlyer miles. Jess said that we should all go, and feeling the FOMO, I said sure! That was before I flew Singapore Airlines in business class to the Maldives. And it was before I had walked back to look at the premium economy class seats on that flight.

I was nervous when I realized what I had signed up for, so I booked a waitlisted business class flight on the same flight thinking that it would clear. It didn’t. So, I was stuck with a premium economy seat for 17 hours. Luckily, I had booked one of a few throne seats, meaning I didn’t have anyone sitting next to me. Sadly, our flights took place before Singapore made these improvements to their premium economy offerings. How did it go? Would I do it again?


Positioning to SFO

Each of us flew from a different city and met in San Francisco. Alex flew on Delta, and Jess and I flew on United. We were flying out at 9:00 p.m., so we all arrived around 4:00 p.m. to ensure we made our flight. Positioning for a flight is often critical timing—I watched the Denver weather for the days prior to ensure I got out on time. I even made a backup Southwest flight that I canceled once I knew the United flight was fine.

Once we met in San Francisco, we lamented the fact that we couldn’t get our much-loved cookie skillets at the Polaris Lounge (since we weren’t in business class) and headed to the American Express Centurion Lounge. We spent several hours in this lounge.


American Express Centurion Lounge SFO

I have been to this lounge many times. They have since renovated it and doubled the space, reopening it in January 2023 with a second bar and buffet area. The food was really good, and there was plenty of seating. Imagine our delight when they announced they were serving soft-serve ice cream by the second bar—now that was a nice treat!


Airport lounge

The newly revamped and expanded SFO Centurion Lounge.


Premium Economy Experience

It was sad to see the business class travelers board first. We didn’t get to turn left, but as we turned right, I told Jess and Alex, “This isn’t bad at all!” It turns out I was still looking at the business class seats. 😂 There were a ton of business class seats, so I still don’t know how I wasn’t able to get one.

We continued walking until we reached the premium economy seats. This flight had no economy class—just business and premium economy. Premium economy was set up in a 2-4-2 configuration. Alex and Jess had the bulkhead seats on the left (they paid $114 each to select bulkhead seats). I was way in the back in one of three throne seats on each side (I paid $133 to select a throne seat).


Airline seat on airline with large cabinet

My favorite part of my seat was the large cabinet for all my personal items!


I was quite impressed with the throne seats as they were solo seats with a huge cabinet to the side to store all of my carry-ons. (Note: We had to check our luggage because there was a 7 kg limit for carry-on suitcases.) There were also footrests at each seat. I was happy I had chosen a throne seat due to the privacy and the side cabinet.


Woman on airplane

This throne seat had privacy and was a lot more comfortable than I had anticipated it to be.


A blanket and pillow were on the seat. There was also a nice set of over-the-ear headphones. I watched a movie, ate an “okay” dinner, and slept. Premium economy passengers can order from the Book the Cook menu up to two weeks before departure, and I ordered the braised short ribs. It was all served at one time, and the best part was the Häagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream at the end.


Women in airplane seat holding ice cream.

The ice cream was a huge hit for us!


Woman sitting in airplane seat

Alex and Jess’s bulkhead seats were also a good choice.


I slept fitfully for about 6-7 hours, using my side cabinet to rest my legs at times. The cabin was cold, so I was glad that I had brought another blanket. Breakfast was also “okay,” but in the rear galley they had a selection of Doritos, Kit Kats, sandwiches, granola bars, and other snacks that were really appreciated as it was such a long flight.


Bottom Line

My experience flying Singapore Airlines in premium economy to Singapore was much better than I expected. Not only did I survive it, but I would possibly do it again if I could get a throne seat. While 17 hours is a long trip, I also saved a ton of miles to spend on another trip. At the end of the flight, all three of us gave it a “thumbs up”!


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