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    On a recent podcast, we all talked about our strategies for 2024 and that we all planned to earn a million points or more again. I also mentioned two other things: 1. I have over 4 million credit card points and miles, and 2. One bank doesn’t like me now (not approving me for their […]

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    I thought it would be fun to hear from some of our readers, particularly our Award Travel Academy Students, about their points and miles journey. I asked them to tell us about their first redemptions and their journey from beginner to booking that first trip with credit card points and miles.   Olivia’s Story with […]

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    Once again, I’ve booked an airplane award redemption without a real trip planned. The option of flying Etihad Apartments for 65K miles (booked on Air Canada’s site) was too good to pass up. Amazingly, many people jumped on this offer in 2023, and many had their trips canceled as Air Canada and Etihad had some […]

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    Interested in points and miles but find it a bit overwhelming? You’re not alone. With so many cards and rules to consider, it can feel like a daunting task. But don’t worry, we’re here to help simplify it all for you! Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube In this episode, we’re […]

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    Today, we are diving into our 2024 travel plans and card strategies for maximum adventure. Points/mile can turn your dream vacation into an unforgettable family trip for nearly free! Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube As 2024 unfolds, we are buzzing with excitement, sharing our insights on top card picks. Each […]

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    2023 was another year full of earning and redeeming points and miles for nearly free travel! This year we took more family trips than we have ever before. It was a great year full of making great memories! Here’s Alex’s 2023 Points/Miles Recap! Alex’s 2023 Points/Miles Recap February The first trip in my 2023 Points/Miles […]

    woman sitting in airport lounge

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    I am so happy that I fly out of Denver International Airport. There are three AMAZING airport lounges now! As a self-proclaimed airport lounge geek, this girl couldn’t be happier. The question I have for today has to be, “Is Denver the new airport lounge king?” I think it could be – here are the […]

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    I know many of you wonder how we travel so often and acquire so many credit card points and miles. First of all, this is our job, so we definitely are more intense about points and miles than you need to be. We also prioritize a LOT of travel so that we can show you […]

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    Booking domestic United flights through Turkish Airlines can save you a ton of points. It’s also been a painful process recently because it has required either calling Turkish Airlines or emailing a ticket office. Well, up until now that is! You can now book Star Alliance award flights via the Turkish Airlines website. Here’s how […]

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    In this episode, Pam shares how she and her sister went on a whirlwind trip to NYC, London, Dublin, and Florence. She also shares some travel mishaps and why they had to cancel the last leg of their trip. Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube Hey there, Travelers! Welcome back to […]

    Hilton Conrad Bora Bora pool

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    Hilton offers the best hotel annual free night certificate. Surprised? We talk about Hyatt so much, and Hilton is low on our radar (except when it comes to their free night certificates). You can use them at almost ANY Hilton. As long as you can find standard award night availability (sometimes difficult), you can use […]

    Hyatt Cap Cana Ziva

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    We talk about having Hyatt Globalist status so much that many of you may think you HAVE to get it. Absolutely not! We will be the first to say that it may not be worth the effort for many people. While we love it and always plan to have it, this (and everything we talk […]

    People sitting in busy airport

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    Positioning flights are a huge part of our award redemption strategy. When you can’t find a flight from your home airport (or to your final destination), positioning flights can help make trips happen. They are not without risk, though—what happens when your positioning flight is delayed (or canceled)? I have taken numerous positioning flights without […]

    Person holding dollars

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    Credit card points and miles are great for paying for our flights and hotels. However, those are not the only vacation costs. There are still rental cars, food, and excursions to pay for. You can certainly book rental cars through a portal and pay for some excursions with the Capital One purchase eraser. To be […]

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    We know you hear us talk about luxurious hotels, business-class seats, and opening up a dozen credit cards each year and probably freak out a little. Do you have to do all of that to be successful with credit card points and miles? Absolutely not! We have Facebook Group members ask about getting a certain […]

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    Have you ever returned from your amazing international trip, received your credit card statement, and noticed extra charges in the form of foreign transaction fees? I have, and it is so annoying to realize you paid $30 for nothing. An honest moment —I’ve even done that since starting in the points and miles game! 😜 […]

    London bridges

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    We talk about Hyatt Globalist status A LOT. It works for us. Over and over again. That’s not to say that it’s worth it for you, though. There are times when Globalist status makes a difference. Recently was one of those nights for me. I love being a grandma and love to help my children […]

    Woman working on computer at desk

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    Without a doubt, if you can get a business credit card, you will get more credit card points and miles for travel. When you first think about business credit cards, you may think that only thriving, “real” businesses can get a business credit card. Not so. The question, “can I get a business credit card?” […]

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    I may have found my new favorite award flight search engine. Meet seats.aero award booking engine—ideal for last-minute award bookings (free) or flights further out. The free version lets you look at last-minute flights (3 months out), but it is only $7.99/month or $79.99/year for the Pro version and completely worth it in my opinion […]

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    On a recent trip to Italy with my husband, I booked a business class round-trip flight on Emirates from JFK to Milan. Emirates operates this as a fifth freedom route, and it’s a popular route with miles and points enthusiasts as it allows you to experience Emirates without flying all the way to Dubai. Throw in […]

    Statue of man on horse in city center

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    This airport lounge geek is excited that the first Chase Sapphire Lounge by the Club in the U.S. opens May 16th in Boston. Even better, I have an award flight through Boston soon! I can’t wait to check it out! Previously, one opened in Hong Kong. The list of projected Chase Sapphire Lounges includes: Austin-Bergstrom […]

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