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The New Year is a time for reflection and these were our top nine posts for 2023.  While some were written and posted in 2022, they were all the most-read posts of this last year. It is always interesting to see what posts are most popular for our readers – did any of these resonate with you? What post was your favorite in 2023?


1.   Can I Get A Business Card?

This post came in as number one and it’s not a surprise. We cater to beginner points/miles users, and most don’t consider a business card at first. The ability to get business cards is what really propels the points and miles that you can earn and becomes crucial when you want to travel more or travel with a family. The banks have a rather loose definition of what qualifies as a business, so check out the post for ideas of something you haven’t considered a true business before.

We encourage readers to get the Chase Ink Business Cards first and then go on to other business cards. This strategy of getting business cards is crucial to keep you under 5/24.  If you make money on your business or side gig, you need to pay taxes on it, though, so we keep spreadsheets to keep our business and personal expenses separate.


Woman working on computer at desk

Keep your real business expenses separate for tax purposes.


2. How to Qualify for a Business Credit Card

Once again, a post on business credit cards is one of our top posts. This post goes through the steps of filling out the application, so it is really helpful for first-time business card applicants.


3. Earn Hyatt Globalist Status Without Staying 60 Nights

Our Hyatt Queen (Jess) wrote this article about earning Globalist status without staying 60 nights, and it is the blueprint we all use to get Globalist status, which we love. Just remember that it won’t make sense for everyone unless you travel quite a bit. But if you like upgraded rooms (even suites), free breakfasts, and free parking, it may be a status you want to chase after. Just remember, once you get it, you won’t want to go back!


Jess enjoying a Hyatt Globalist breakfast!


4. Hyatt Ziva and Zilara Cap Cana Review

We didn’t even write this post (it’s a guest post), but it’s a popular one. Want to head to the Dominican Republic? Check out this post about Hyatt Ziva and Zilara Cap Cana. Additionally, Alex and I compared the Hyatt Ziva and Zilara Cancun in a post that you might want to check out too.

On our last trip to the Hyatt Ziva, we met several readers who were also enjoying it. It is a very popular location for THM readers, and we have a great time whenever we go.


Hotel water park with water slides

Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana Waterpark


5. Ultimate Disney Cruise Credit Card Strategy

A Disney Cruise must be a big goal for many of our readers – Jess loves them and has laid out a plan on how you can go on one and earn a lot of credit card points. Be sure and check this out if that is your plan!


If a Disney Cruise is your dream vacation, check out this post.


6. How to Get the Southwest Companion Pass 2024

We change up our post on how to get the Southwest Companion Pass each year, and it is one of our most popular posts every. single. year. It is the ideal way for families to travel cheaply, and Alex and Jess get it every year. Our THM Podcast: #45 Deep Dive into the Southwest Companion Pass is a great listen if you want to learn more.


mother with kids on southwest flight

Alex has had the Southwest Companion Pass multiple times.


7. Earn More Ultimate Rewards with the Chase Ink Business Cards

We must talk a lot about the Chase Ink Business cards as they are all very popular with our readers too. We LOVE Ultimate Rewards, especially for transferring to Hyatt for our hotel stays – family and luxury hotels. If we could pick only one award currency to use, it would be Ultimate Rewards, so the ability to earn more of them with multiple business cards is huge for us. Even better, we can get more than one of the same card! Be sure and read this post if you feel the same way.


Family at Hyatt Regency Maui

The ability to create wonderful family memories together is the best part of using credit card points and miles.


8. How to Go on a Greece Girls Trip and Not Go Broke

An oldie but a goodie is our guide to Greece. Greece is also a popular destination and a place we all LOVE. The ability to go to these magical islands on credit card points and miles is one of the deals we have all taken advantage of. We have numerous posts on the website of our subsequent Greece trips and some of our reader success stories to Greece also.


mom and daughter in mykonos

This was the first trip to Greece that started our love affair with these islands!


Jess in her 90K Roundtrip flight on Turkish Airlines to Greece.


9. Our Favorite Search Engines to Book Award Travel

We always say that earning the points/miles is the easy part, and booking award travel is harder. Using search engines makes it so much easier, and this post lists some of our favorite search engines. Personally, I use several search engines just for one trip as they all seem to offer different suggestions. A search engine points us in the right direction but we still have to look at the sites to make sure that there is availability.


Screenshot Maxmypoints site.

A site like Maxmypoints lets you see award availability. You can even set an alert for when dates open up.


Bottom Line

Our top nine posts for 2023 were somewhat surprising to me as I expected to see more destination posts as favorites. Instead, the posts that were more educational were the most popular, and that’s a great thing, as educating our readers is #1 for us. We love to inspire you about where you can travel, but teaching you how to use credit card points and miles is our number one goal. I can’t wait to see what posts are most popular in 2024 – let us know if you have specific posts you’d like to see!

Secrets Moxché beach

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